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21 September 2012


Implementing video conferencing was like experiment in school where my kids are learning and it shows very positive results for the last year,especially for the kids and the way how they adopt this new way of study.

It is good to hear that now school and universities are also improving their resource according to the advancement of technologies. That is good for the students that they can grasp things easily and with more clarity, even they can be able to attend the classes of lecturers of distant places.

This is great! I appreciate the update. It's great that universities are more and more starting to keep up with technology! video conference facilities savannah ga

Video Conferencing is one of the best technology. Students can also study by using this technology in class.

It’s good to know that even schools are adapting to the new “in” thing in technology right now. In videoconferencing, it will be much easier for schools to invite resource speakers in their classes which can create an avenue for more improved learning.

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