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08 October 2013


Thank you for your message, Stephen. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the data, we are unable to control for the identity of the students applying and offered acceptance at each school. This data is based purely on the counts as reported by the schools without identifying individual applicants. For entrants, these would definitely be separate individuals as they have actually enrolled at the school in the program for which they were accepted, but we are unable to determine if each individual applied to multiple doctoral programs or was offered admission to more than one program. Thank you for reading!

To what extent is the increase in applicants explained by applicants increasing the number of programs to which they apply? (I am guessing that it is way too difficult to eliminate all duplicate applications, so the 39,820 applications could be arising from 10,000 individuals. Similarly, there is duplication in the number of "admits". Potentially the 4,773 admits went to 4,000 individuals.

I would hope there is no duplication in the last chart!

Thanks, C Turner - the second figure has been corrected now.

It appears that the second figure is the same as the first figure. There is no figure for "Offers of admission."

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